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Powered Attachments For Your Countax Garden Tractor


All Countax tractors are fitted with a power take off (PTO) system at the rear of the tractor designed to operate the ever expanding range of powered attachments.  






Powered Scarifier

Every lawn would benefit from scarifying ideally twice a year. With the Countax scarifier this can be achieved with ease. The time taken to scarify is a little longer than when mowing. 

Driven from the tractor PTO the scarifier lifts and strips out unwanted moss and thatch. Once the unwanted material is lifted on to the surface it can be easily collected with the powered grass collector.

The depth of the steel blades is set by the position of the adjustable full width roller. For best results the ideal depth is to slit right down through the turf just avoiding the soil below.

Fits all Countax tractors old & new.



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